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St. Cyril of Jerusalem on the long-suffering of God

Last night, as I was concluding that post, I had stumbled upon something from St. Cyril of Jerusalem in his Catechetical Lecture 2, in which he talks about sin, repentance, and Satan. Cyril drives the point home many times in this lecture about the long-suffering of God in how he deals with us. He provides many examples from Scripture. Continue reading

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Longanimity (Long-Suffering)

I’ve been reflecting of late a lot on long-suffering. It’s not really discussed and yet, it is very relevant to our own spiritual formation…

Longanimity, or long suffering, is explained in Fr. Hardon’s Modern Catholic Dictionary this way (emphasis mine in bold):

“Extraordinary patience under provocation or trial. Also called long suffering. It is one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit. It includes forbearance, which adds to long suffering the implication of restraint in expressing one’s feelings or in demanding punishment or one’s due. Longanimity suggests toleration, moved by love and the desire for peace, of something painful that deserves to be rejected or opposed.” Continue reading

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